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Optica’s zVT family of mainframe virtual tape products delivers new levels of modularity, scalability and performance. When combined with Optica’s world-class service and satisfaction guarantee, the zVT 5000-iNAS, zVT 3000i and zVT 5000-FLEX offer a variety of enterprise class features required to serve the broadest set of mainframe customers and workloads in the industry.

The zVT 3000i is an affordable, all-in-one mainframe virtual tape solution that connects to the mainframe via (2) FICON interfaces.  The zVT 3000i ships with license support for 16 virtual tape drives and options for 8TB, 16TB or 24TB of useable internal RAID-6 storage.  With a 4:1 benefit from standard hardware compression, the zVT3000i delivers 32TB, 64TB or 96TB of effective capacity.  The zVT 3000i also supports enhanced data-integrity checking, zVT replication with cloud support and one-click DR testing and recovery.

The zVT 3000i is easy to install, implement and manage. It’s perfect for companies with smaller, well-defined backup requirements.  It’s a logical replacement for 3490/3590 physical tape and older virtual tape solutions.



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