Optica Technologies, Inc.



Optica Technologies is a privately held technology company headquartered in Louisville, Colorado.  We’ve been providing high-quality datacenter infrastructure solutions since 1967.   Optica has been an IBM strategic partner since 2002 and has received the most extensive IBM qualification available for third party solutions.

Optica’s products have been successfully deployed in most major enterprise data centers worldwide.

Business Overview

Optica Technologies is a leading provider of virtual tape and protocol conversion solutions serving the unique requirements and demands of the global mainframe market.  Our product engineering team has demonstrated skills and capabilities in a variety of areas related to the mainframe: 

As mainframe skills and resources have become scarce, Optica has continued to invest in the resources to support our customers and partners in every phase of the project plan, including:

Our suite of professional services (billable and non-billable) has been developed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.  

Product Overview

zVT – Optica’s Virtual Tape solution targeted to serve IBM mainframe customers seeking the benefits of virtual tape that is easy to deploy and is reasonably priced from a company they can trust.

Prizm – Optica’s FICON to ESCON Protocol Converter designed to enable IBM mainframe customers to invest in the latest  System z platform (EC12 and BC12), while preserving the ability to connect to critical ESCON and Bus/Tag device types that remain.

ESBT – Optica’s ESCON to Bus/Tag converter module for Prizm.  ESBT provides connectivity for specific B/T device types to Prizm so customers using System z12 (EC and BC) can continue to utilize critical Bus/Tag assets. 

Service and Support

Optica Technologies Incorporated is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, from pre-sale configuration assistance through the life of your installation. Optica provides 24/7 technical support worldwide and we’ve signed a global services agreement with IBM Corporation so we can dispatch an IBM customer engineer to be our resource for your on-site maintenance requirements*.

*Not available in every country.  Please contact info@opticatech.com to review your specific requirements.